How to Activate and Upgrade YouTube Com Activate on Roku

We provide you some steps that we will help you to activate & upgrade your on Roku, Go to the following steps and activate your account on your Roku. Log in to your Google account, if you don’t have an account on Google than create your Google account first.

youtube com activate on roku

Easy way to activate YouTube com on Roku

  • Download YouTube Channel or App
  • Go to the menu bar and select YouTube App or channel
  • Click to agree to its terms
  • YouTube is now successfully added to your Roku device

How to Increase Video Capacity on YouTube:

Once you have activated YouTube and linked to your device with YouTube, you may upgrade your account. You can upload more than 15 minutes of content at a time. Here are some steps to upgrade your account:

Improve your YouTube video length limitations:

As you know, you can upload 15 minutes long videos. To upload larger limit of videos, then follow the below steps:

  • On a computer or laptop, go to the
  • Click on the “Increase your limit” option
  • Now verify your YouTube Videos
  • You will get a verification code via a text message to help of code you can verify your YouTube videos
  • Once you’ve verified your account, you can easily upload videos that are greater than 15-20 minutes.

How to Activate on Roku

  • Download the YouTube app or channel on your Roku device
  • Select the “YouTube” channel and click on the “OK” button
  • You will see an option to add a channel, click on “Add channel”
  • Open YouTube channel and navigate to “Gear option”
  • Select login option, you can see an 8 digit code on your TV screen
  • Go to site
  • Enter this code here, you require a Gmail account if you have an account on Google than login your account if not then create a Gmail account.
  • Click “Allow access” if you see the option.
  • Now, you successfully link to your YouTube channel, you can enjoy your YouTube on your TV screen

How to activate YouTube’s hidden Dark Mode:

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + I on Windows and Option+ Command + me on Mac.
  3. Obtain the developer through the Chrome menu.
  4. Click on the Console and paste the code
  5. View the Dark Mode setting.
  6. Go to Dark Mode to locate the on and off toggle. Utilize the toggle and begin or deactivate the YouTube Dark Mode.

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